Friedrich Froebel - Fröbel


Franconia was part of the Merovingian kingdom of Clovis

The Frankish territories east of the Rhine became one of the five original "younger" stem duchies of the Holy Roman Empire: Saxony, Franconia, Bavaria, Swabia, and Lotharingia. Franconia was ruled by the Abbot of Fulda and the Bishops of Würzburg and Bamburg.

Fleur de lis

According to legend Clovis (c.466-511 AD), King of the Franks, being trapped between the Gothic army and the Rhine, noticed yellow flags growing out into the river, signifying that it was safe to ford the river at this point. He crossed in safety with his army, and because of this incident adopted the fleur de lis as his emblem.

Yellow Iris


A document from the year 777 records a winery being gifted from Charlemagne to the monastery of Fulda. This is the town of Hammelburg. Wine is grown mainly in protected places usually along the hills of the River Main.

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