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Elements of a Froebelian Education
by Peter Weston, Principal of Froebel College, London 2002
The Great Froebelian Revolution
by Evelyn Lawrence, Director of the National Froebel Foundation 1952
History of Froebel Movement
newer and freer methods of interpretation welcomed by the majority of kindergartens
National Froebel Union
British Froebelians were at all times conscious of belonging to an international movement
Creative Activity
Influence of Froebel on Schools
Sesame Club
1895 England
God, nature and man
Evelyn Lawrence summarises her understanding of Froebel's vision 1952
Grand Duchess Maria Pavlovna
supported Friedrich Froebel's educational philosophy
Her Imperial Majesty the Dowager Empress Frederick
patroness of the Froebel Educational Institute in London, when it commenced in 1892
Grand Duchess Elizabeth
a twentieth century martyr and saint. The charitable works of the order she founded included providing an excellent education for orphan girls from the Moscow slums.
Principality of Schwarzburg Rudolstadt
Friedrich Froebel's Germany
the farm near Bad Liebenstein where Friedrich Froebel lived in 1848
where Friedrich Froebel trained kindergarten teachers
Prussian ban of Kindergarten 1851
Friedrich Froebel's letter to the King of Prussia
Friedrich Froebel grave
a representation in stone of the second gift
Keilhau is an Important Froebel Destination
by Mary Ruth Moore, Ph.D.
Universal German Education
extracts of 1828 letter to Krause about the beginning of Keilhau
Herbal traditions in Oberweissbach
The forest dwellers used the treasures of the Thuringian Herb Garden with great finesse.
Thuringian Country Cooking
including potato dumplings and honey biscuits
Place of the Froebels
Caspar Froebel
ancestor of Friedrich Froebel
Kingdom of Thuringians
about 400 to 531 AD
one of the oldest and most powerful noble families in Thuringia.
about us
the people behind this website
Genealogy Information
about the ancestors of Friedrich Froebel and his supporters including the Princes of Schwarzburg Rudolstadt, Maria Pavlovna Romanov and the Duke of Saxe Meiningen.
Genealogy Information
about the Froebel family in Saxony at the time of the Reformation.

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on the Niesse River
Kingdom of Bohemia
The imperial chancery in Prague was where High German emerged.
home of Freawine and the Angles
Via Regia
The road protected by kings

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