Friedrich Froebel - Froebelhof

Bad Liebenstein

In the year 1848, at the end of May, I arrived at Bad Liebenstein in Thuringia. A man had taken up residence at a small farm near the springs, who danced and played with the village children and was therefore called "the old fool."

A tall, spare man with long grey hair was leading a troop of village children between the ages of three and eight, most of them barefooted, up a hill where they played and sang.

The loving patience of the man, the whole bearing brought tears to my eyes and to those of my companion.

The play being ended, I approached the man with the words, "I see you are occupied with the education of the people."

Baroness Bertha Marie von Marenholtz-Bülow

The farm house where Friedrich Froebel lived is now Hotel Froebelhof

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