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According to the Anglo Saxon Chronicle, between 449 and 455 Angles settled in Britian.

"From Anglia, which has ever since remained waste between the Jutes and the Saxons, came the East Angles, the Middle Angles, the Mercians, and all of those north of the Humber."

In the Anglo Saxon Chronicles, Freawine (Frowinus, Frowin) was the governor of Schleswig from whom the royal family of Wessex claimed descent.

During this migration period, Angles also settled in the Kingdom of Thuringia

Archaeologists have found the cruciform brooch (fibulae) worn by women during the fifth century, throughout Denmark, coastal Scandinavia and Friesland, from the lower Elbe along the Baltic coast to the Oder and in northern Saxony. In contrast, women in the regions settled by Saxons and Franks wore saucer brooches.

map of cruciform brooch distribution

The Angles were part of the Federation of the Ingaevones, "people of Yngvi", described in Germania, written by Tactitus about 98 CE. Their mystic ancestor and god of fertility Yngvi was later called Freyr. The Angles may aslo be the Germanic tribe known to the Romans as Angrivarii, providing elite troops and urban and palace police from the time of Augustus.

By the 8th century, Angeln was occupied by Vikings.

map of Angeln
map of the Angeln peninsula, to the east of Flensburg and Schleswig
cruciform brooch
Angle cruciform brooch

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