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For over five years, members of the Froebel family around the world have been working together to present accurate information online about Friedrich Froebel, the inventor of Kindergarten and designer of the Froebel Gifts.

We encourage you to visit often to see what new items we have added for you.

Many of us are teachers and we are all committed to Friedrich Froebel's vision for childhood. We understand the importance of play and consider that children derive great advantage from playing with wooden blocks that are mathematically accurate, beautifully finished and perfectly packed.

As a family, we are committed to making Froebel Gifts available to children around the world. We offer secure online ordering from the Froebel Gallery.

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Froebel Gallery
continues a tradition of more than two hundred years of promoting the humanities, the arts, and education.
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supports projects around the world to foster the education of children.
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