Friedrich Froebel - Via Regia

The road protected by kings

The ancient road that links Kiev and Santiago de Compostela was once one of the most important European commercial routes. Since the stone age, Kings and pilgrims travelled on this road and merchants transported their goods on it. From the west came the Flemish blankets, from the east wood, pelts, wax and honey, and the middle controlled the indigo of the Thuringian Basin as well as the mining products of Upper Saxony.

The spiritual and political centres of the early Middle Ages, Mainz, Fulda and Erfurt were connected by this road. The Via Regia also provided the direct route between the largest German trade fair cities Frankfurt am Main and Leipzig.

The Leipzig Book Fair became the largest book fair in Germany in 1632 when it topped the fair in Frankfurt am Main in the number of books presented. It remained on top until 1945.

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Via Regia between Fulda and Neuhof