Friedrich Froebel - Union

National Froebel Union

by Miss P Woodham-Smith MA 1952

The history of the National Froebel Union has indicated that Froebelians were alive to the fact that Froebel had spent his life labouring for the harmonious development of the whole nature of man from infancy to adulthood, and that to its founder the kindergarten was never and end in itself but an entrance to a vast and harmonious edifice. Consequently they were alive to the possibility of developing further some of the conceptions of education to which the kindergarten had given rise.

British Froebelians were at all times conscious of belonging to an international movement, and welcomed fellow Froebelians from all over the world. They were particlualrly alive to the movement in Germany and America.

The National Froebel Union celebrated its Jubilee as an examining body in 1937. In 1938 it was reunited with its parent body, the Froebel Society to form the National Froebel Foundation.

source: edited extracts from pages 60 - 75 of Friedrich Froebel and English Education edited by Evelyn Lawrence 1952

footnote:The financial support of the National Froebel Foundation made possible the publication of A Child's Work: Freedom and Guidance in Froebel's Educational Theory and Practice by Joachim Liebschner.

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